Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Fall River

Dental fillings repair teeth with minor fractures, damage, or decay. If you have any cracks, chips, or cavities in your teeth, the dentist may suggest a dental filling to treat the problem. Dental fillings are a common dental care procedure that can restore teeth and prevent future damage or extraction.

What Can You Expect?

Work with the best dentist in Fall River. We’re committed to ensuring your treatment is painless and as comfortable as possible. The dentist will delicately remove the decayed or damaged portion of your tooth before placing the filling to restore the tooth entirely. We use safe material that mimics the look of your natural teeth. The filling material is shaped to match your tooth’s shape. After the procedure, the filling is virtually unnoticeable.

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When to Call Us?

If one or more of your teeth is decayed or damaged, the dentist may suggest a dental filling to save your tooth and restore your oral health and function.

Give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Damage to a previous filling
A chipped or fractured tooth
Dark spots
Throbbing or sharp tooth pain

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How does filling work?

Cavities are cracks in the enamel of the teeth. They will likely get larger unless you fill them with Fillings.

Before drilling around the cavity to prepare it, our dentist will numb the area to be filled. A combination of strong materials or white mix (composite) goes into the cavity soft and then hardens as it dries. Fillings are durable once they have been set but may need to be replaced if they become loose or worn down.

What is the average time it takes to have a dental filling done?

The short answer is: It all depends on the factors. For a filling, patients should expect to spend up to an hour in the dentist’s chair.

Are fillings painful?

With local anesthesia, fillings are usually painless for most patients. After our dentist has numbed the area, there should be no pain during your filling. Although it’s not painful, our dentist may apply slight pressure to your teeth to remove the decay. Nervous about needles? Before administering anesthesia with needles, your dentist may also use a numbing cream to numb the injection area. Some people may feel a little sensitivity to temperature and pressure after a dental filling. This is normal and should resolve quickly. Some patients may experience sensitivity while others don’t. It all depends on the patient.

How many fillings are possible at once?

There is no limit to how many fillings your dentist can do at once. Our dentist in Fall River can fill multiple cavities in one visit if there are several of them (e.g., the upper right corner of your mouth). There are many factors that can limit the number of cavities a patient can have done in one visit. Are there time restrictions? Are you able to keep your mouth open for a prolonged period? Our dentist can safely administer the appropriate amount of anesthesia. No matter how many fillings you require, Admire Dental in Fall River can help you create a plan that suits your needs.