Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Care in Fall River, MA

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please get in touch with us right away. Admire Dental provides emergency dental care in Fall River. Depending on your dental emergency, our team will carefully instruct you on what to do and how to make arrangements. We help make sure you can see a dentist fast when an accident or emergency happens.

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

Lost tooth due to injury
Mouth injury (lips, tongue, cheeks, gums)
Extreme tooth or mouth pain
Mouth sores
Broken or chipped teeth
Excessive or uncontrollable bleeding
Lost dental restorations (broken fillings or crowns)

Having a toothache? Want to be seen quickly?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or have another dental issue that needs immediate medical attention to stop bleeding, alleviate pain, or save a tooth, please get in touch with us immediately 508-644-0555.

If you experience trauma to your head or neck, or if you’re concerned an injury may be life-threatening, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room to seek medical treatment. If you also require dental treatment, the dentist can handle that after your health is stabilized.

Have a Dental Emergency?

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a dental emergency?

An emergency dental situation could be due to an accident or sudden injury, or any other reason. Since dental issues rarely solve themselves, it often qualifies as a dental emergency, and you should immediately visit a dentist. You can get pain relief by calling our Admire Dental clinic if you are experiencing severe tooth pain, chipped teeth, or any other type of dental emergency.

What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out?

It’s a scary situation to have a tooth knocked out. You need to act fast in order to ensure your emergency dentist near you has the best chance of saving it. It is important to carefully transport the tooth to our office. Milk can be used to keep cells moist until you reach our clinic.

How can our emergency dentist help you?

If you have a dental emergency, emergency dental care can be far more helpful than going to the general hospital. Admire Dental has emergency dentists who are trained to handle a variety of dental emergencies. This is in addition to the fact that we are much cheaper. Nearly one in four dental emergencies involve restorations. We can help you with all options to replace your tooth. This includes: Dental Implants, bridges, and crowns to Cosmetic Dentistry. There are many options available to help you restore your teeth. You can get the best emergency dental care in Fall River at an affordable cost.

How to manage pain before an appointment?

A topical pain relief, such as Anbesol gel, can be beneficial for some people. To reduce swelling, you can also use over-the-counter pain medication and ice. However, keep in mind that even if your pain levels are manageable, it is still important to visit a dentist to address the root cause.